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    A Guide To Drone Wedding Photography

    Love from above.

    Drones are remote-controlled helicopters that come in all shapes and sizes.

    Typically, they have very powerful cameras (like a GoPro) strapped to them. Drones are also known as "unmanned aircraft." And couples are increasingly looking to make them a part of their weddings.

    The bad: Drones are noisy and, in the wrong hands, potentially dangerous.

    The good: Photography drones produce beautiful, cinematic aerial shots. These remote-controlled quadcopters offer a macro view of your wedding that no one gets to see.

    Bonus extra: Even Martha's into drones.

    If you're considering wedding drone photography, heed these tips before taking flight.

    1. First, make sure drones are allowed in your venue's area.

    2. Wineries and private estates are prime venues for drone photography.

    View this video on YouTube

    3. Prices can range from $200 for one hour to a flat $700+ fee.

    4. Drones are sometimes a good distraction.

    5. That being said: keep flight time to a minimum or shoot at a very high altitude.

    Facebook: video.php

    Reb6studios has a 10 minute cap for drone flying, and the videographers will only shoot while music is playing during the procession. The most-requested aerial shot is of the bride walking down the aisle.

    You could also opt for a high-altitude drone shot (like the one shown in this Facebook video) captured while guests are enjoying the reception.

    6. Consider the environment. Wide, open spaces are better.

    7. Higher is not always better. Shoot at an angle.

    8. Aerial shots take time to set up.

    9. Drones are something your gadget-enthusiast partner can get excited about.

    10. For destination weddings, aerial footage can give your wedding video a good sense of the surrounding city.

    Check out Portugual-based studio VIP Weddings for ideas on how to capture the landscape via drone.

    11. Aerial photography isn't limited to drones.

    12. You could also – *gasp* – get your own drone.

    You gotta admit . . . these photos are pretty ~fly.~