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You Can Now Hashtag Emojis On Instagram

New filters, too. #smilingpileofpoop

Starting today, you can hashtag emojis in Instagram captions.


If a post has been tagged with an emoji (e.g. #πŸ“·), you'll be able to click through and see its hashtag page.

Instagram told BuzzFeed Life that the top three most-used emojis were πŸ˜‚, 😍, and 😘, respectively.

Also available in the Instagram app update are three schmancy new filters: Reyes, Lark, and Juno.







Reyes offers a faded, dusty look while Lark enhances blue and greens for vibrant landscapes and Juno brings out the best of warm tones.

These new spring photography-ready filters are available in the latest version for iOS and Android.

Hip hip hooray! #😁

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