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This Free App Is The Best Thing To Happen To Email Since Gmail

It's kind of like Tinder for email.

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There's a new app from (free, iOS), that claims it's going to help me sift through all of the crap in my inbox. is a website that "rolls up" all of your subscriptions/spam into a daily newsletter, so you can still sift through the sales without cluttering your inbox.

I've used the website for years and admittedly never check the rollup. The app version of is so much more satisfying because it forces you to actually unsubscribe instead of doing the email equivalent of putting all of your dirty clothes under the bed.

It singles out all of the stuff you don't want: the newsletters, sale promotions, random LinkedIn invitations, etc.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

The interface is pretty simple: Swipe left to unsubscribe from the spam, swipe right to keep it in your inbox, or swipe up to put it in the "rollup."

Unfortunately, the app is only available for iPhone right now.


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