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    This Free App Is The Best Thing To Happen To Email Since Gmail

    It's kind of like Tinder for email.

    Me IRL, every time I look at email.

    There's a new app from (free, iOS), that claims it's going to help me sift through all of the crap in my inbox. is a website that "rolls up" all of your subscriptions/spam into a daily newsletter, so you can still sift through the sales without cluttering your inbox.

    I've used the website for years and admittedly never check the rollup. The app version of is so much more satisfying because it forces you to actually unsubscribe instead of doing the email equivalent of putting all of your dirty clothes under the bed.

    It singles out all of the stuff you don't want: the newsletters, sale promotions, random LinkedIn invitations, etc.

    You can connect multiple email accounts and declutter them individually or create "rollups" for each one.

    The app also includes your daily "rollup," so you can easily breeze through your promotions where they belong — out of your inbox.

    The next time you're bored, waiting at a bus stop, or waiting for a friend to arrive to dinner, whip open the app and start mass-unsubscribing to all of those unwanted emails.

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