Here's Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Fitness Tracker

    If your Fitbit-obsessed friend is pressuring you to get one, read this first.

    People are REALLY into their fitness trackers and will do *anything* to get their steps in.

    We recently reviewed Fitbit's new devices — the Alta and the Blaze — and a question we get all the time is: Are fitness trackers really worth it?

    What do activity trackers do?

    What are the different kinds of fitness trackers that are out there?

    Will they make me fit AF?

    Are activity trackers accurate?

    How good is Fitbit at measuring heart rate?

    What about other devices?

    Can wrist trackers actually measure sleep quality?

    So what's the best fitness tracker?

    But ultimately, it's up to your personal needs!

    Still have questions? Leave 'em in the comments.