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    The New Kindle Oasis Is Stupid Thin

    It's the lightest e-reader around.

    Last week, I met Amazon's new e-reader: the Kindle Oasis. It's a pinch-ably thin device with insane battery life.


    True story: the Kindle's profile is so slender that I had troubling getting my camera to focus on it.

    The Kindle Oasis comes with a charging cover (also absurdly slim) that has an extra battery built-in.

    My favorite update? Physical, tactile buttons for page turns and an accelerometer that detects whether you're reading it in your right or left hand.

    So, should you get it?

    The problem is: all of Amazon's other Kindles are still the best e-readers you can buy – and much more affordable.

    You can pre-order the Kindle Oasis today at for $290. The e-reader will start shipping in the coming weeks.