19 Ridiculously Cute Gifts For Cat Collectors

<3 Neko Atsume 4 eva <3

Fact: Neko Atsume (free, iOS and Android is *the* most epic cat app ever invented.

Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

The objective? Attract as many cats to your yard as possible by bribing them with sashimi, multi-level catpartments, and mini-cardboard food trucks.

Needless to say, people are UHB-SESSED.

If Neko Atsume gives you life, treat yo’ self to one of these cartoon kitty gifts.

1. This kitty bento that was probably inspired by the kitty collector cookbook ($28)

2. These chill screen cleaners ($7 each)


3. This phone case ($25 to $30) that celebrates butts

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.

4. This finger reminder ($14) to put the Frisky Bitz out

5. These lil guys ($10 each)


6. This very important PSA ($45)

~Neko and chill~

9. This v meta tote ($15)


You can pick your kitty!

12. This embroidered Billy portrait ($20)

And his very expensive cowboy hat.

14. This Tubbs plush ($20) with more to love

17. This adorable custom felt cat ($45) who isn’t afraid to show you its butt

You can customize the character and ball!

18. This sakura mochi cushion ($5) IRL for your pins

Sew soft.

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