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    Justin McElroy And The Quest To Make 'The Adventures Of Pete & Pete' Season Three Available On DVD

    Justin McElroy, podcaster and entertainer known for My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, Sawbones, and more, is on a quest. If successful, that quest has the greatest reward of all: making the third season of The Adventures Of Pete & Pete available on DVD.

    Do you remember The Adventures Of Pete & Pete?

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Depending on how old you are, you might remember Pete & Pete, the Nickelodeon show that began in 1989 as minute-long shorts that eventually became so popular they were made into half-hour special episodes. After that, capitalizing on the popularity of the show, Nickelodeon made Pete & Pete into a regular half-hour series. This show went for three seasons. Only the first two seasons of Pete & Pete are on DVD. Therein lies the tragedy, and therein lies, too, Justin McElroy's quest.

    A Man on a Mission

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    Justin McElroy is a well-known and beloved podcaster, known for his work on podcasts like My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone, the latter of which recently saw the release of a graphic novel under the same name. He will not be satisfied, though, until he gets the third season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete on DVD, which became apparent on July 8th, 2018.

    The Quest Begins

    .@Nickelodeon @NickelodeonPR Hello, I’m beloved family entertainer Justin McElroy (Trolls 2, OK KO) and I would like to buy the third season of Pete and Pete on DVD. How can we make that happen?

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    This all started innocently enough, with McElroy tweeting at Nickelodeon, asking how they can make this happen. Nickelodeon remained silent, which was their first mistake, it seemed.

    Long-Term Life Goals

    All related parties, consider this your notice: It’s now on the list

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    Things quickly escalated, as McElroy made it one of his long-term life goals to get the third season of Pete & Pete on DVD. As you can see, the second of these goals is to be cast in Trolls 2, an ongoing mission of the McElroy brothers, which you can follow in their podcast, The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2.

    The Quest Continues

    @Nickelodeon @NickelodeonPR Day 2: Pete and Pete Season 3 is still not available on DVD (I would accept streaming or VOD obviously.) Did you all know @dtamberelli had to Saranwrap his arm during shooting when he showered so he didn’t mess up his fake tattoo? Honor his stink arm and release S3 please.

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    Things started getting serious on the second day, when McElroy pulled in Danny Tamberelli, the actor who played Little Pete in Pete & Pete. Nickelodeon still refused to honor Tamberelli's stink arm and did not respond.

    Peeling the Onion

    It’s almost midnight, so let’s call this Day 3: @PJVogt @AGoldmund Can I request Super Tech Support because I can’t stream Pete and Pete S3? Apparently they printed all the DVDs and they’re just sitting in a warehouse! It’s a big onion, like you guys like! So many layers!

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    McElroy found out near midnight on the second day that he can't stream the third season of Pete & Pete, as well as having the horrible realization that there are DVDs of Pete & Pete, the public just isn't allowed access to him. The horrors never cease, and now that McElroy has begun peeling back the layers, he seems unwilling - or, perhaps, unable - to stop until justice is served.

    Both Pete and Pete Get Involved

    @PJVogt @AGoldmund It's Day 5, y'all. Today, I'd like to highlight @michaelcmaronna and then incredible toll taken on his body. Honor his sacrifice! Put Season 3 on DVD now!

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    On Day 5, McElroy takes the time to highlight Michael C. Maronna, the actor who played Big Pete, and requests that Nickelodeon honor his grand sacrifice. Nickelodeon continues to ignore them.

    Searching for Strength

    Day 9: Still nothing but a gif from @Nickelodeon. Relating to this classic Pete and Pete short today. Hope you win all your battles against the ocean today.

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    With Nickelodeon having done nothing but send a GIF in response to McElroy's quest, McElroy resorts to drastic measures: posting a short from Pete & Pete as both reassurance and rallying cry. He will not be put down so easily, and his quest continues another day.

    No Laughing Matter

    Day 14: Two years ago I helped fund an album by @qiet. I waited two years to redeem my backer reward (a custom song by lead singer Christopher Vincent) until I could find a worthy cause. That day has come. #SetThePetesFree

    Justin McElroy / Via Twitter: @JustinMcElroy

    McElroy has no more connections to turn to, no more avenues to pursue, and so we reach our greatest move of all: a custom song. Two years ago, McElroy received a backer reward after helping to fund an album by Qiet: a custom song, by lead singer Christopher Vincent. He has redeemed the reward for this worthy cause, and so now the movement has its own theme. McElroy also started a hashtag: #SetThePetesFree.

    UPDATE: Pete & Pete Make Plans

    @nicolelianesolo @JustinMcElroy @michaelcmaronna @Nickelodeon Hey! @dannyandmike have a list of supporters willing to break into the warehouse in JC, just thought you should know

    Danny Tamberelli / Via Twitter: @dtamberelli

    After I posted this article on Twitter, Danny Tamberelli made my young heart soar by letting me know there's a list of people willing to commit crimes on behalf of Pete & Pete. To all you supporters out there, welcome to the cause! However, please don't commit any crimes. That is not the true way of Pete & Pete.

    UPDATE: Justice Will Be Served

    @JemarreB @dtamberelli @nicolelianesolo @JustinMcElroy @Nickelodeon @dannyandmike Can't steal what's already yours

    Michael C. Maronna / Via Twitter: @michaelcmaronna

    Michael C. Maronna joins the Twitter conversation to assert that Nickelodeon has taken what is ours. And so, we beg of Nickelodeon: give us season 3 on DVD. It belongs to Michael C. Maronna and Danny Tamberelli; it belongs to the concerned citizens along on this quest with us; and, most of all, it belongs to the people. Give the people Pete & Pete season 3 on DVD.

    The Quest, Undying

    At this time, we have no news, not from Nickelodeon nor from Justin McElroy. Updates will be posted as they come, but please, do everything within your power to help one man achieve his long-term life goal of getting the third season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete on DVD.

    This world is full of scary, uncertain things. Life is difficult, and hard, and every day can feel like a slog through a mess of emotions and struggles that we are unequipped to deal with. However, there is also good in this world. There are beacons, shining points of light that remind us that there are things worth living for. We have beloved family members. We have days off, spent laughing with our friends, or reading our favorite books. We have kind words. We have smiles.

    Soon, with the help of you, we can add one more item to that list: we will have The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season Three on DVD. Humanity is nothing if we do not band together to fight back against darkness, to bring light to the people. We have survived through worse, and we will survive this, too. We will persevere, and we will come out the other side, stronger for having fought. We will succeed. We will help Justin McElroy get The Adventures of Pete & Pete Season Three on DVD.

    It's the least we, as people, can do.

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