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    This Little Kid Lost His Recorder Before A Show And Performed Anyways

    The show must go on!

    Meet 11-year-old Avik Belenje from the Bay Area. He had a music recital at his elementary school two-weeks ago, but there was one problem.

    Twitter: @ABelenje

    He was missing his recorder!

    Twitter: @ABelenje

    "I didn't have my recorder because I lost it a while back," Avik said.

    His older sister, Aashna posted this video on her Twitter and it went viral.

    so my brother lost his recorder and the teacher still made him perform...

    People had jokes.

    @ABelenje Well at least he doesn't sound bad

    They wondered why he was at the front.

    @ABelenje i'm dying why is he in the front??? 😭😭😭

    They questioned the morality of music teachers.

    @thisisjacktan @ABelenje @eliesaad_ music teachers r either the most loving lil parent types or heartless elitists there r no in betweens

    They also wondered what the teacher was trying to prove.

    @ABelenje He's so cute😂😂😂 but seriously what did this teacher think this was going to prove lmao

    "I need to reach this level of unbothered," one person said.

    @ABelenje @Ambbbbbbbs I need to reach this level of unbothered

    Well, it turns out that he wasn't forced to perform. His teacher said that it was okay for him to stand there. His miming even helped other students who didn't know where to place their fingers.

    1. Now let’s do a quick poll! Vote on what you would’ve done if you were Avik.

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    Now let’s do a quick poll! Vote on what you would’ve done if you were Avik.
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      The show must go on!
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      I’d sit this one out.
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      I DON’T KNOW!
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