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    Mariah Carey Thinks That Electricity In America Is Free And We Don’t Blame Her

    Bill, who? I don't know her.

    In this iconic interview from 2009, Mariah sits down with Rick Edwards for an in-depth chat about her career/life.

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    Everything is going well until he asks her about her to-do list.

    His list is pretty ordinary. He buys eggs, pays bills...

    "Pay, who? What? Bill, who?"


    In her defense, the interviewer did say that on his to-do list is to pay "bill."

    You know...bills!!!!



    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 ✨


    Is this not the land of the free afterall???

    Because you're a superstar and all that jazz!

    If there's one thing I got out of that video is that I aspire to be so rich where I'm not troubled with having to pay bills because someone does it for me.

    FOX / Via

    Enjoy the clip in all its glory!

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