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    Here Are The Best Tweets From The David West And Tristan Thompson Kiss

    Game 5 = drama, fouls, great shots, and even a kiss.

    During the second quarter of the 5th NBA finals game, Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson and Golden State Warriors David West were involved in a physical altercation when West pushed Kyrie Irving as he was trying to pry the ball loose.

    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images / Via

    During the heated scuffle, Thompson and West got a little too close. πŸ‘€

    So close that it looked like they had kissed. 😏

    NBA / Via

    The "kiss" has since become a huge meme because people on Twitter have absolutely no chill. Here are the best tweets:

    So we just gonna act like TT & David West ain't kiss

    "Did you just see David West and Tristian Thompson kiss?"

    "My man is cheating on me with David West"

    Just looking for someone to kiss me the way David west kisses Tristan Thompson #NBAFinals

    Tristan Thompson and David West #NBAFinals

    Tristan Thompson and David West out here celebrating pride month mid game #NBAFinals #CavsWarriors πŸ˜‚

    Best NBA Kiss Award goes to.... David West and Tristan Thompson 😘😘 #loveandbasketball

    David west and Tristan Thompson are Goals

    david west wanted to taste khloe kardashian on tristan's lips

    A live look at the David West And Tristan Thompson altercation

    Khloe Kardashian after seeing David West & her man Tristan Thompson nearly kiss #NBAFinals #CLEvsGSW

    David west and Tristan had other plans tonight

    dog the refs are absolutely mortified that David West & Tristan would show PDA at game of this magnitude

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