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10 excuses to know when you missed your Valentine's day

Valentine's day is coming, and we know that some of us will forget to prepare a nice dinner or to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers. BuzzFeed is here to focus on this recurring problem and find a solution.

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Congratulation! You just need to remember 3 dates: her birthday, you marriage birthday and Valentine's day...but you have succeed in forgetting this last one. You know that if you don't act now to resolve the situation, your girlfriend will run you ragged until march. So you need to give her the best excuse to convince her that you're right to avoid Valentine' day. Fortunately, we have developed our 10 best excuses to help you in this terrible issue.

1. "Yes, I just wished you a good Valentine's day this morning. You don't remember it?"

You can test this technique. It is risky if she has a good memory and if she is not gullible, but we know that a lot of them don't. So it can works for a huge potential targets. If you think you can go further, let her think that you have offer her a gift but that she both forgot it and lost it. At this point, your bad faith is as well genius and devil.

2. "Oh no, what a commercial event! Please don't act among this consumerist society."

We know that it can be nerd and grumpy, but if you are credible you can be seen as an anti conformist guy like in several films. Thus, you need to prepare a long and effective speech to convince her that you really think that since a while. After that, there are 2 possible reactions from your girl: either she understands and she thinks that you are a clever man, either she disagrees and she can possibly contest your point of view. Anyway, the most important thing is done, she doesn't blame you to have forgotten the Valentine's day.

3. "It's always Valentine's day when I'm with you."

This excuse is a famous one but it can only work if you manage it well. To be persuasive, you have to convince her that your relationship is now too strong to be called into question just because you forgot Valentine's day. You don't need it anymore to prove that she is the only one for you (at the moment). However, in the future you will have to make several little attentions to show that you really don't need this celebration to express your love.

4. "You only love me for the gifts and my money?"

When you're in fault, the best strategy is to get back your guilt to your opposent. "I didn't wish you a good Valentine's day, but is it a reason to doubt on my love for you?" or "There is no gift, but is it the most important thing in our relationship?" are good enough to change the roles and to be in the right side. Finish it with "let me go, I need to be alone".

5. "Sorry darling, but it was a surprise. Get dressed, we go to your best restaurant."

One of my best one. It's clearly the excuse which doesn't take your girl for a dumb. And according to our very serious studies, it works very well. Now, you have 20 minutes to book to the restaurant, negotiate with the manager to pinch a table to somebody else if they're all full and finally call your bank to raise your credit card limits for this night if it's a 3 stars restaurant! We wish for you that she will take time to be prepared.

6. "We are the 12th, isn't it?"

Okay, it's not very credible but it could work if you say that you are over with your job, you can't sleep more than 2 hours a night. You have to be seen as a victim because this job make you out of everything else. If she believe in it, it will be probably the big deal for you. In fact, she will both forgive you for that and she will take care of you as your mother did when you were sick.

7. "But your name is Nicole, not Valentine, isn't it?"

Okay, it's easy and maybe not really elaborated but you can bet on the humour to make it pass. In fact, it's a way to downplay the situation and to find something to do. Think about something you love doing each other or something which should surprise her. She would think that you are smart to improvise something and that you know how to make her happy.

8. "I bought you something for you on internet, but the FedEx order has a bi unexpected delay."

This excuse is reliable and can be used for other events as a birthday or Christmas. But be careful to use it rarely, otherwise it won't be believed. The next disadvantage is that you have to order a gift quickly to receive it during the week.

9. "And you, what did you prepare for me?"

At the 21th century, women act on the sex equality for everything. Now, it's time to take the opportunity to argue among this idea. If she wants to stay coherent in her thinking, she can't disagree with you, so you win the game!

10. "Sorry bab', I forgot it."

It's maybe the best reaction if you don't know how to lie or if you can't live with such a guilt. If it's your case, be honest is surely the best solution for you. We hope for you that your girlfriend will understand and forgive it. If it works, be the perfect guy for the next month and do not miss it again please! Or you can also stay single.

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