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Reasons Online Classes Are Awesome

Today it was announced that Oxford University will become the latest educational establishment to offer a free MOOC. For those not in the know, a MOOC is a 'Massive Open Online Course' and it basically means that you can learn from some of the world's best academics without even leaving the comfort of your house. So it's basically everybody's dream. Here are some other reasons why learning online is way better than the alternative.

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You can learn in your PJs / Via

The last thing you want to do after a long day is go out and do something else. Or, at least, not if you have to stay in your work clothes. Honestly, would it kill them to put a bit of elastic in there somewhere? Online classes mean that you have a legitimate excuse to run straight home and PJ up. Everybody knows you learn best when you're comfortable, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't get scolding for turning up at an in-the-flesh night school in your nightie.

You can learn from people all over the place / Via

If you go somewhere local to learn, there's a limited sample of people available to teach you. That gets reduced further depending on the availability and level of both sides of the equation. By taking to the internet for online classes, you widen your pool significantly. If the best violin teacher in the world is in Chicago, then you can learn from a person in Chicago and you won't even have to fork out to go there. Sure, it might take more research then just going to the closest person, but your virtuoso career will thank you.

You always get the best seat / Via

You remember when you were at school and there were a couple of seats that people always fought over? You're not at school any more. Plus you don't even have to do that thing people do when they're adults and they all pretend not to care about where they sit, but they all end up secretly hating each other anyway. You can have the best seat in your house. Cover it with cushions and blankets. Delight in your own comfort. Put your feet up, look back on your school days, and laugh. Education + Hygge = win.

Online classes can be booked when it suits you / Via

There are lots of classes to take just after work, and that's fine for a lot of people. But how about if you work best between the hours of 10pm and 1am? Online classes are your friends. There's also no need to give up other plans. Because you can work with people all over the world, it doesn't matter if you only have time in the early afternoon, or if you only like to learn after dark. Whatever your quirk, there's someone out there who'll be able to work with it.

You only have to tidy up part of your room / Via

If you found a tutor who would visit your home, you'd have to make a bit of an effort for them. It wouldn't even be for them as much as it would be to help you save face. But guess what? Sometimes busy people don't have time to pick up their floordrobe every time their maths teacher comes over. Even with online classes that happen through a video link the most you'll ever have to do is kick everything to the side so that it's just out of view of the camera and voila! You'll look like a domestic god and/or goddess and nobody will be any the wiser.

Have you found any benefits to taking online classes that I've missed out here? Will you be trying out the Oxford MOOC when it goes live in February? Were you already a MOOC fan before all of this?

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