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If I Can Beat Anorexia, SO CAN YOU

A little motivation during the festive period...

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Nicola Davis / Via Instagram: @supersweetrecovery
Nicola Davis / Via Instagram: @supersweetrecovery

Who would have thought two years ago: when I couldn't even go near pizza or let alone eat out, that one day I would drag my boyfriend out because I wanted pizza that bad? The truth is that yes, pizza used to scare the hell out of me. As did cheese, bread, egg and most forms of food and drink. But today they didn't scare me. Today they were just foods. And if I can learn that food is just food and weight is just a number, then so can you! Recovery is a rocky road but it is worth it. And even though Christmas can be a really tough time of year, you will NEVER look back and even remember what you ate. What you WILL remember is your family, friends, traditions and gifts that made the day special.

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