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    These Couples Challenged Themselves To Have Sex Every Day For A Month And It Wasn't As Fun As You'd Think

    "I feel like my dick is going to fall off."

    We asked three couples to try to have sex once a day for 30 days to see how it would affect their relationships. This is how it all went down:

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    Mallory and Kevin typically have sex five times a week.

    While Suki and Dimitri are more of a two-to-three-times-a-week type of couple (although Dimitri feels like it's more of a once-a-month affair).

    Finally, R.J. and Will are also in the two-to-three-times-a-week camp.

    Each couple established their own rules for the challenge.

    According to sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell, having sex every day in a relationship leads to intimate communication where both people feel desired and loved.

    LET'S FIND OUT! After the first day the couples were feeling confident that this was no big. But as the week wore on, they were feeling worn out.

    They were getting frustrated. Mallory and Kevin even "failed" on day 8.

    Halfway through, Dr. Ava tried to have them focus less on the destination and more on the journey.

    Meanwhile R.J. and Will didn't like how this challenge was making sex a chore.

    Finally, Suki and Dimitri were having fun with it, but it was a little physically demanding. Also, their schedules were not fully lining up.

    As they rounded the bend, Mallory and Kevin were over it.

    But Suki and Dimitri were back on board!

    By the end of it, every couple admitted that this was hard af.

    But Suki and Dimitri found it to be a positive thing for their sex life, so hey, maybe you should try it?!