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    Homebuddies: We Lived On A Ranch For Three Days And It Was Exhausting

    Workin' the land is no joke.

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    People who live and work on a ranch know that it's not just about wearing cowboy boots and riding some horses.


    See for yourself what it really takes to live on a ranch!

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    Which is why Niki and Garrett decided to give it a try in their latest episode of "Homebuddies."


    They're both fascinated with the way other people live, so they find interesting living situations (like this one) and experience it for themselves.

    They headed to Clifton, Arizona, where ranchers Eric and Jeanne were gracious enough to invite them to stay at Cold Creek Ranch.


    The couple has lived there for 12 years, and they apply everything they know to manage the land to keep it healthy.

    When Niki and Garrett saw where they would be staying, it totally gave Garrett some end of the 1800s vibes.


    And the living room, which Eric and Jeanne, are turning into a library, was gorgeous.


    That night they all went out to see as much of the property as possible from one vantage point.


    "It blew my mind that you could own all the land to, basically, the horizon," Garrett said.

    They cooked dinner in the dark because they had to conserve energy.


    The next morning they awoke to rain, so Eric made alternate plans and took Niki and Garrett to feed and shoe the horses.


    It wasn't as easy as it looked, but they worked as a team to get it done. Okay, so they only got two out of the four shoes but that was still really good.


    Oh, they also put on some chaps, which Garrett had never worn.


    That was bound to happen. I mean, there were on a ranch.

    After tending to the horses, they went inside to oil the saddles, which was part of their annual maintenance for the ranch.


    Both Niki and Garrett were absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, but they knew they had to get up bright and early to help out again.

    On the third day, they all went out to take the horses some hay out on the land, which required them to yell out, "Heeeeeyyy cooooowwws!"


    They took to the yelling pretty quickly. LOL!

    When their ranch experience was over, both Niki and Garrett were exhausted, and they had a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the ranching lifestyle.


    "It's so hard to live out here," Garrett said, " I have so much respect for the people who do it."