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    Gay Men And Women Traded Dating Apps For A Week And Things Got A Little Weird

    "I'm excited because I'm so single!"

    When you're young and single, dating can be tragic — especially when you use dating apps. So we had these young folks swap gay dating apps to find dates for each other:

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    Everyone was single and ready to mingle in the hands of the best wingman or -woman.

    The guys created profiles for the girls on the dating app Her.

    The girls helped the guys out by making their Grindr profiles.

    But Brittany had her reservations about dating online because she hated talking to someone forever when it never goes anywhere afterward.

    And Grindr seemed like an app for sex rather than love tbh. 🐸☕️

    But sure enough, there’s always that one who steals your attention no matter what.

    Let the games begin!

    Brittany’s DMs were already poppin’ and Jameson hadn’t even finalized her profile.

    ...while Rachel and Jared made sure their profiles were on fleek before starting their shenanigans. 💅🏽

    But once Rachel started searching for Jared’s true love, the process was paused because they were almost duped by a “bot.”

    By the time Jameson got home, Brittany's DMs were flooded with thirst traps. DAYYYUMMM GIRL.

    On the other hand, Brittany was a little stuck because she had to pick a tribe for Jameson on Grindr. She decided to pick “jock.”

    But Jameson wasn't really feeling it.

    There was some trouble in paradise for Rachel when she couldn’t meet people’s expectations on Grindr (aka sending pics).

    But Jared was killing the game by connecting with ladies over food preferences.

    Brittany was trying to redeem herself and be the ultimate wingman...kind of.

    And Rachel was freaking out because Jared was successful at hooking her up with someone!

    Jameson realized that there wasn’t as much pressure on Her as there was on Grindr to respond right away.

    But after all that hard work, Rachel was the only one out of the bunch to get somewhere in the dating world.

    And Brittany just felt bad that gay men had to deal with such fuckery.

    And both guys agreed that Her was not a bad dating app, but the expectations were a little too extreme for them.

    At least RACHEL found love in a hopeless place!