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Is This The Return Of Chandler Bing?

America's favorite Friend is finally coming home.

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See, the Friends actor is making his New York stage debut at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.

MCC Theater / Via

The End of Longing runs from May 18th through June 24th in NYC’s West Village, but Perry should be familiar with the area…

The theatre’s only a block away from this familiar building:

TripAdvisor / Via

That’s right — Matthew Perry is spending the next month less than 500 feet from Chandler's apartment building on Friends -- which includes, of course, Central Perk!

…when good ol' JOEY TRIBBIANI starred in a play called Boxing Day there.

Warner Bros. Television

That's the one where he fell for his co-star, Kate, in Season 3’s “The One with the Tiny T-Shirt,” “The One with the Dollhouse,” and “The One with the Screamer."

In fact, the theatre also made a disguised appearance in Joey, the Friends spinoff series, when Joey appeared on Inside the Actors Studio.

Warner Bros. Television

(The same establishing shot from Friends was used again, but this time it was supposed to be a theater in California.)

David Schwimmer also directed a reading at the theater a few years ago.

Rebloggy / Via

He directed a one-night-only reading of Stephen Belber’s Shut Up When You Talk To Me in October 2014, though it’s unclear if he stopped by Central Perk while in the neighborhood.

So will Matthew Perry be stopping by Chandler’s old digs when he gets to New York?

We can only hope. But, come on… It would just make sense, ya know?

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