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5 Fantastic Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring books had a bad rap when many of us were in grade school. Art teachers especially disliked them because they “stifled” creativity. Our parents, however, rather liked them — they provided quiet time when mom wanted a nap or a great back-seat activity on long car trips. We just saw them as fun. The vast array of adult coloring books on the market today means that anyone, male or female, can find some that are appealing. Here is a list of just some of the awesome options you have before you.

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1. Coloring Notepad


The makers of the ColoringNotepad have taken this idea a step further by joining the joy of coloring with notebook paper. This dynamic combination pairs visual art and writing, allowing you to express yourself in multiple ways: by jotting down your thoughts and embellishing over 50 original illustrations. The intricate and charming drawings include a variety of subjects, featuring birds, flowers, geometric shapes, mandalas, and abstract patterns throughout the publication.

2 Yellow Bird Indie Rock Coloring Book


If you haven’t visited the Yellow Bird website you should. The site is dedicated to supporting indie rock musicians — individuals and bands — primarily by T-shirt sales advertising the musicians and designed by great illustrators. Now, Yellow Bird has created both a coloring book and a coloring poster book, featuring some of the great designs from its illustrators. The poster book is unique, in that each poster is removable for framing (or not). If you are into indie rock and/or music in general, you will love these designs and have great fun adding your personal touch by selecting your own palette of colors for each design.

The story of Yellow Bird is inspiring in itself. Two college grads decided to set up a site to promote indie rock musicians and to support an array of charities at the same time. As the illustrators design the T-shirts, and now the coloring and poster books, the sales support both the site owners and the musicians. As well, each sale results in a donation to a charity of the musician’s choice.

3 The Sneaker Coloring Book


Have you ever shopped for tennis shoes and just not found what you wanted? Have you ever just wished you could design your own tennis shoe? Well, here’s the next best thing! The Sneaker Coloring Book has 100 pages of every style and type of tennis shoe from every major manufacturer since 1916 — all ready for you to color, customize and design.

4 The Midnight Coloring Book


This book by Richard Merritt features rather eerie and mysterious scenes and objects on a fully black background. The author has begun the coloring with all black, white, and red. But there are plenty of white spaces for you to add to the mystery with your own color choices. Some of the pages feature clocks, bridges, and playing cards.

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