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5 Innovative Light Fittings That Will Transform Your Home

It's surprising just how wedded to convention we are when it comes to household lighting. Lighting offers so much potential for variety and creativity, and you could be taking advantage of it right now with innovative light fittings like these.

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Understair lighting / Via

Stairs can serve more than one purpose, and having them illuminate the area beneath them is a brilliant way of creating some really interesting light in the room. We recommend not making them too bright – halfway up the stairs is not a good time to be blinded.

Reclaimed lighting

Uncommon Designs / Via

When is a light not a light? When it's a-jar! This is a nifty use of old jars that works brilliantly to make a neat light fitting that will look great in a kitchen, study, or anywhere in your crafty home. There's so much potential when it comes to reclaimed materials and objects.

Ferris lights

Juice Electrical / Via

Bueller. Bueller. Bueller. Whoops, wrong Ferris. With light fittings you have the option to create some really interesting light patterns on your walls and ceilings. Ferris fittings spill out light in a fantastic spoked pattern.

Fairy lights

Lights4fun / Via

Don't limit cable lights to just Christmas, they are a beautiful and simple way of lighting your home. Compared with lamps and main ceiling lights, the soft glow that's given off by these lights creates a truly cosy environment.

Twig lights

Festive Lights / Via

Perfect that rustic, Scandinavian look with these innovative twig lights. Fairy lights strung along branches create something that looks natural while also being connected to your mains.

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