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    This Marine Surprised His Brother In The Best Way And It's The Epitome Of True Brotherly Love

    "We're still going to the movies, right?"

    Wendie Willis recently posted a video on YouTube of her Marine son, PFC Nick, surprising his younger brother Tyler who just wanted to go to the movies.

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    Wendie Willis / Via

    Willis told BuzzFeed her son came home to Camas, Washington, just in time for their other brother Josh's wedding (he's wearing the hat in the video).

    Lil' Tyler had suspicions as to why he was being recorded...

    Wendie Willis / Via

    ...but as his older brother opened the door behind him, Tyler seemed only concerned about going to the movies.

    Wendie Willis / Via


    Well, everything escalated quickly once Tyler turned his head...

    Peep that shirt!


    Wendie Willis / Via