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This Girl Met Her Real-Life Doppelgänger And It's So Spot-On

"That's mental!"

Earlier this year, three friends in Ireland launched the Twin Strangers project. They had a bet to see who could find the closest look-alike anywhere in the world. Niamh won and met her first doppelgänger, Karen.

And if you thought Niamh and Karen looked ~very~ similar, just wait...

Following that success, she recently met another perfect look-alike, Luisa:

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Niamh flew to the Italian Riviera to meet her second look-alike. First, she met with Luisa's friend, Andrea, who thought they had a lot of similarities.

Then, she met Luisa's mother, and the emotions were VERY heavy:

Finally, it was time to meet her match IRL for the first time.

After they met, they used makeup and contact lenses to REALLY bring the "twin stranger" look together.

And the finished product was pretty SPOT ON: