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    A Model Completely Destroyed The Runway At A Fashion Show And It Was Everything

    "I just said FUCK IT!"

    Meet Dexter Mayfield. Recently, he completely DESTROYED Marco Marco's fashion show at Fashion Week in Los Angeles, like no other.

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    Mayfield walked in the show among very famous RuPaul's Drag Race winners.

    He told BuzzFeed, "That was so intimidating, but once I spoke to Marco [the designer] right before I went on the runway I just said FUCK IT, and I just went for it! It was unlike any other feeling I've had before!"

    Not only did Marco Marco's epic, futuristic fashions turn heads at the show...

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    ...But comedian Sam Kalidi posted the same video on Facebook, edited to Christian Aguilera's "Beautiful."

    Facebook: video.php

    He captioned the post, "Never let the media or anyone else fat shame you. Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Thank you Dexter Mayfield."

    Just a simple strut down the runway...NOT. That was complete and utter ferociousness right there.

    Via Facebook: sam.kalidi

    "Being a professional dancer, I already know the pressure of not fitting into the typical look of what a dancer should be," he said. "So stepping into modeling and walking the runway, that pressure is compounded even more."



    And you betttttaaaa skip down that damn runway, Dexter!


    Via Facebook: sam.kalidi

    "But at the end of the day, I simply just want to do what I love, and I feel talent should speak for itself no matter your shape or size. So, if anyone can be inspired by it, that just makes the reward of what I do even greater. And from the show up to today, the messages of love and encouragement have been overflowing and I am so grateful for it all."

    Dexter, keep on SLAYING!

    h/t NewNowNext.