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    This Jambalaya Recipe Will Take You To Louisiana And Make You Sing

    Or should I say, SANNNNGGGG!

    Hi! I'm Nick Guillory. I've been working at BuzzFeed's Tasty as a social media strategist from the very beginning, two years ago.

    But I have never made a video until this popped up on my Slack...

    Rie had me like:

    After a desk dance of excitement, we came together and made magic happen! Come along for the ride...

    The first thing Rie taught me was that you have to make a clean exit with your hands when shooting. If you don’t, it looks a hot mess when you edit the footage.

    Once you've kicked off your pot with all that love, it's time to add more! Add four andouille sausage links. The ones we used were about five inches long each. You definitely don't wanna use anything else but andouille or it won't be jambalaya. TRUST ME ON THIS!

    Meanwhile, your kitchen will start to smell so damn good that anyone entering will start to appear like this:

    Continuing on with your dish, you'll want to take out the meat. Add your veggies and make 'em sweat for a bit.

    As the first GIF shows, make sure to scrape the brown bits of love that have kind of solidified to the pan. THAT IS THE LOVE I WAS TALKING ABOUT EARLIER. You want to incorporate that into your veggies and let 'em sweat till they are soft to touch.

    OMG... It's all coming together and don't you feel so good about the smells that are filling up your home rn? To keep the love going, add chicken stock, crushed tomatoes, cooked rice, and bay leaves. Don't be afraid to stir it up!

    Add your meat back to this mix. Stir and cover. Let it hang out for 10 minutes.

    Next, you want to add your shrimp (one pound) and stir. Let that cook for five minutes.

    Now it's time to get the family around serve them the best meal EVER!


    Watch a video that shows you how to make it:

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