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This Is Why First Lady Michelle Obama Has A Better Gym Game Than You

The workout behind those arms is finally revealed.

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In this video, first lady Michelle Obama accepts her husband President Barack Obama's challenge to show him five ways she could move. It's all to promote her "Let's Move" campaign. And she definitely MOVED!

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In the video, FLOTUS suggests you should do this workout with a trainer or a parent so you don't get hurt, and to practice correct form. Probs not a bad idea!

To start her workout, the first lady used a jump rope and some fancy leg work to get her heart rate up.

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Obama's trainer, Cornell McClellan, suggested, "When you're jumping rope, you don't want to come off the floor too high and you don't want to impact on the floor too much."

And while jumping rope, McClellan advised, "Keep your elbows tucked in. You don't want to use a whole arm swing... nice and easy turns of the wrist." He continued, "This is very good for hand-eye coordination, for timing, and things of that nature."

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Look at that FLOTUS form.

For the second exercise, the first lady used a medicine ball while performing crunches. She also mixed it up to add different variations to work out all parts of her ab muscles.

Then, Mrs. Obama's third move was the in-and-out squat with the bench. She CLEARLY crushed it.

Her trainer called this "an explosive movement that adds explosiveness to the quads and legs."

Can you believe it? She's not done yet. The fourth part of her intense workout involved 35-pound dumbbells. She's not playin' around, OK?

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McClellan said, "We're not afraid to lift weights. This is an inclined bench exercise, which works the upper region of the pectorals." ARM GOALS.

He continued, "If you are using heavy weights, you should have someone to assist you in this exercise."

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Assisting NBD.

These boxing gloves were ~very~ necessary for the fifth and final step to the first lady's killer workout. Her arms were obviously ready for this.

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Her trainer said they like to use boxing "for conditioning, hand-eye coordination, transference of power, learning how to move from point A to point B."


And, of course, she left us with this friendly reminder.

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The prez was like, "Michelle, you won."

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