This Is What Avocado And Strawberry Ice Cream Looks Like

    From the tree to your belly.

    Who said trees couldn't produce ice cream?

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    Avocado Ice Cream


    16 oz Heavy Whipping Cream

    14 oz Condensed Milk

    1 Cup of Strawberries

    1/4 Cup Powdered Sugar

    3 Whole Avocados


    1) Whisk Heavy Whipping Cream until you reach soft peaks.

    2) Blend the strawberries, Avocados and Condensed Milk.

    3) Mix everything into the whipped cream and add powdered sugar.

    4) Place the mix into the avocado shells and add a thin slice of strawberry on top.

    5) As an option, put leftovers in a bowl with slices of strawberry.

    6) Freeze for two hours, then enjoy!

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