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    This Guy Threw An Epic Rave On A New York City Subway Car And It Was Fu*kin' Amazing

    "Today, we DANCE!"

    It's no secret that the New York City subway can be kinda WILD and CRAZY. Meir Kalmanson decided to take it to the next level and throw a sick-ass "DJ Dance Party." The fun that ensued was just BEYOND amazing.

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    First, the set-up. It all seemed pretty easy and not a lot of fun. But, just wait!

    People gave Meir looks like, WTF is going on?

    There was a guy with a velvet rope.

    And, a REALLY confused businessman.

    But, Meir got on the mic and demanded everyone to dance and EVERYONE LOST THEIR SH*T!

    This man could've ripped his pants doing a split!

    This woman broke it down and went around the pole!

    Everyone just looked like they were having the time of their lives!

    There is just NO other way.