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    Watch These Cookies Bake In 115 Degree Arizona Heat

    The true meaning of HOT AF.

    With summer just underway, this time-lapse video proved that Phoenix heat is no joke!

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: 12news

    With an excessive heat warning in effect, and temperatures hovering around 115 degrees, 12 News decided to see if cookies could bake in a car.

    12 News / Via Facebook: 12news

    According to Visit Phoenix, the average June temperature in Phoenix is 102.3 degrees.

    So here we go...this guy placed the cookie sheet on the dashboard.

    12News / Via Facebook: 12news

    The cookies began to spread and BAKE...because it was HOT AF.

    12News / Via Facebook: 12news

    By the time the time-lapse video ended, nearly five hours later...the cookies were perfectly baked.

    12News / Via Facebook: 12news

    It's a friendly reminder: Don't leave your pets or kiddos in your car. It's obviously NOT safe.

    Naturally, the comments section of this video is filled with other creative things people have baked in their cars. Like this pizza:

    Rich Love / Via

    Sue Harris attempted brownies:

    Sue Harris / Via

    And holy shit, Paul Reithmayer shared this photo of his Harley seat's temperature:

    Paul Reithmayer / Via

    203 DEGREES!!!!!! WHOA!

    Stay cool out there!

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    'Cause ain't nobody got time to die.