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This Animated 4-Year-Old Made His TV Debut On Local News And It's Adorable

Thankfully he's okay and clearly ready for his 15 seconds of fame.

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While Jayden Wingler was riding the bumper boats at an Arizona amusement park, the boat the 4-year-old and his brother were on caught fire — leaving both boys with burns on their feet and legs.

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Thankfully, Jayden's wounds are healing and he's going to be just fine, but when a local news station interviewed him about the experience, his response was just the cutest thing EVER:

The news reporter asked little Jayden what happened on the ride. Well, he had A LOT to say...

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As the saying goes, kids really do say the darndest things.

Keeping with the whole cuteness theme... Jayden didn't disappoint.

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Jayden, we HATE that fire, too!

Dad joked and said, "Hopefully he'll want to get out on the boats again." That got this ~REALLY~ resounding and animated NOPE from Jayden.

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"Oh no, Dad!"

He's totally the next "apparently" kid!

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