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This Kid Got His Hands On A Pay Phone And Was So Confused

"Do you know what that is?"

Jake got his hands on a real payphone (guess they still exist?) and didn't have a clue what it was.

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AFVKids / Via

The lady, off camera, asked the adorable fella if he even knew what he was touching...

AFVKids / Via

His look of complete and utter confusion spoke for itself.

She continued, but he was still a bit confused.

AFVKids / Via

That look on his face of "I can't even," was priceless and BEYOND cute!

AFVKids / Via

Kids these days... meanwhile, you're probably thinking — "How else would I have let my mother know I was done after soccer practice?"

She explained to him, "It's a phone booth, Jake." He responded hilariously.

AFVKids / Via

Meanwhile, we're all running to hide in a pillow!