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This Church Pastor Is Way Too Good At Throwing Things Into Other Things

May the force be with him.

Josh Hawkins, a 30-year-old pastor from Sydney, Australia posted, a video of himself throwing random things back into their usual places. Some of the edits may look a little suspect, but Josh told BuzzFeed that the clips are "100% real."

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Josh said he didn't get all these throws right on the first try: "Two of them were blowouts. They took up way too much of my day off. But actually most of them were relatively simple, done in about 10 minutes."

The longest try, he said, took six hours.

"I don't know the math on that but 100's of go's."

He told BuzzFeed that he came up with the idea because he thought it would make a good Snapchat. This water bottle going into a trash can is what started the phenomenon for him.

And this is how he saves his highlighter.

Toothbrush in the holder, no problem!

And this one is a big WTF?!

TP on the holder.

This is how he impresses his dates during a movie night.

And he was SO serious throwing that knife into its holder with perfection.

Hot dog into bun just like that and her reaction is the same as yours.