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What It’s Like To Use The Bathroom All Around The World in Two Minutes

Oh, shit!

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Whether you call it the pooper, toilet, loo, or whateva — we all gotta use it. Cut Video takes you on a journey across the globe and shows you how different the toilet is around the world. So sit tight.

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Let's kick things off stateside in Seattle.

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Off to Paris, where things are very high-tech and all electronic and shit.

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Speaking of shit... What the hell is going on at this public commode in New Delhi?

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And here's a guy peeing all over Shanghai...

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Dubai is on its toilet game fo sho! It's crushing it with its little sensors or whateva.

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Keepin' it clASSy.

Things got a little douchey in Tokyo...if ya will.

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The fella in the video quickly discovered what those buttons did.

LOL 💦.

All in all, the one thing we've learned here CAREFUL. Not all countries allow you to just run into the bathroom and let it go.

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You've been warned.

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