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    People Are Freaking Out Over This Video Of A Spider Coming Out Of A Banana

    Da fuq?

    Someone recently posted this video on Reddit of a spider coming out of a banana. "I just wanted a banana," the caption said. Then, the unthinkable happened but...STAND BY, there's a twist!

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    So, naturally, people on Reddit were like, "NO, THAT IS NOT REAL..."

    So, we did some digging...

    BuzzFeed reached out to the original owner of the vid and guess what? Thankfully, it's a fake!

    Berlin resident Kaleb Lechowski created the vid using special effects. Nice try, guy!

    "The banana is real," he told BuzzFeed. "I created the video over the last three days."

    But even if it's fake, the video will still give you nightmares.

    Kaleb Lechowski / Via

    "I used a chopstick to pierce the banana from behind," he explained. "Then I removed the stick from the image and inserted a spider that I created, using Blender, the 3D software."

    This is a total "OH, SHIT" MOMENT!

    Kaleb Lechowski / Via


    Bye, y'all.

    Kaleb Lechowski / Via


    Kaleb Lechowski / Via

    But hey, it's good to know that Lechowski is just a total CGI badass and made this happen on a computer, not IRL, right?