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This Golden Retriever Totally Failing To Catch Food Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Depth perception let him down.

This guy recorded his adorable dog, Fritz, trying to catch all kinds of food, and created an epic slow motion compilation. A steak, a doughnut, a taco, and lots more were on the menu. However, the cute golden retriever very rarely retrieves...

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First, a steak!

Fritz Dog / Via

Then we've got a doughnut...

Fritz Dog / Via

This taco has NO hope.

Fritz Dog / Via

And this hot dog...close, but not close enough!

Fritz Dog / Via

SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! Because he caught the smallest thing...a french fry!

Fritz Dog / Via

Never give up, Fritz. Practice makes perfect.

Fritz's owner wrote on YouTube that he intercepts the food and Fritz just gets a little bit, and that they only play catch once a week. "The rest of the time he eats healthy dog food and exercises to maintain his manly physique," he said.

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