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    Robert Downey Jr. Will Melt Your Heart By Surprising This Kid With A Bionic Arm

    Iron Man FTW!

    Meet Alex, a 7-year-old fella who loves superheroes and riding his bike. He was born with a partially developed right arm. When a leading bionics expert heard Alex's story he wanted to help Alex out...

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    ...With a little help from Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man!

    When Alex walked in he had no idea what the The Collective Project was about to surprise him with...

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    I mean how cute is that bow-tie!

    Once inside the room, Iron Man was waiting for him! The two exchanged a super ~casual~ hand shake...

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    Then, Iron Man quickly noticed Alex's suave outfit choice!

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    Your heart melting yet? Just wait...

    This side eye says it all...HE WAS LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON?

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    They both took a seat and someone asked Alex if he knew who the man sitting next to him was. Alex had the perfect response!

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    Next, they busted out Alex's awesome new arm, and he was beyond excited! Alex was even amazed by this "technical glitch"...

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    How COOL?!

    This meeting couldn't end without this beautiful sight of arm MARRIAGE!

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    This is def in Alex's near future!

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    Robert Downey Jr. wins TODAY!