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    Robert Downey Jr. Will Melt Your Heart By Surprising This Kid With A Bionic Arm

    Iron Man FTW!

    Meet Alex, a 7-year-old fella who loves superheroes and riding his bike. He was born with a partially developed right arm. When a leading bionics expert heard Alex's story he wanted to help Alex out...

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    ...With a little help from Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man!

    When Alex walked in he had no idea what the The Collective Project was about to surprise him with...

    Once inside the room, Iron Man was waiting for him! The two exchanged a super ~casual~ hand shake...

    Then, Iron Man quickly noticed Alex's suave outfit choice!

    This side eye says it all...HE WAS LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON?

    They both took a seat and someone asked Alex if he knew who the man sitting next to him was. Alex had the perfect response!

    Next, they busted out Alex's awesome new arm, and he was beyond excited! Alex was even amazed by this "technical glitch"...

    This meeting couldn't end without this beautiful sight of arm MARRIAGE!

    This is def in Alex's near future!