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Poke Your Screen While Watching This Video And Become Instantly Hypnotized

Entertained for hours on end.

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Play Namie Amuro's video in fullscreen mode and put your finger in the middle of the screen. It's the perfect way to kill some time before that boring meeting you're waiting for.

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Namie Amuro / Via

Right on, Namie! We also recommend blasting your volume, because this is also a music video for "Golden Touch" by the Japanese pop artist Namie Amuro. And it's AWESOME!

It even works with the GIFs below...

Did you see that goldfish kiss your finger?

AmuroNamiech / Via


You're very talented with balls...

AmuroNamiech / Via

Nothing more annoying than someone blowing bubbles with their gum. Luckily you can pop it...

AmuroNamiech / Via


AmuroNamiech / Via


AmuroNamiech / Via

You managed to kill enough time before that meeting you were putting off.

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