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Watch These Moms Get Brutally Honest While Taking A Lie Detector Test With Their Kids

"Have you ever had a threesome?"

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Distractify put a bunch of moms through a lie detector test while their kids asked them questions. The lies and admissions are just out-of-this-world hilarious!

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As the kids and moms begin to settle in and get strapped in to the machine, some want to make sure this is going to go in the right direction. Little did they know...

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So let's get right into it — with this question: "What kind of drugs have you done?" She says, "Marijuana, LSD...that's about it!"

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This mommy says she occasionally puts a few alcoholic bevs back, but her daughter wants to know if she gets hammered.

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Hehehe...looks like a fib!

This mom admits she hasn't sent a nude selfie, but she says back in the day a guy snapped a nude Polaroid. LOL!!!

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Keeping on the topic of nude pictures, this young lady asks her mother, "Have you ever taken a nude picture?"

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And this guy takes it to an entire new level and his mom quickly shuts it down!

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Mind yo beeswax!

This mama admits to the ol' ménage à trois but comes up short on admitting how many times.

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Guess she's just sexually free!

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Not all the moms were telling fibs. This mom actually admits to finding some dirty sheets in her son's room.

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And these guys nearly leave when their mother admits she wishes they were doctors.

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Did this mommy want girls instead of these two dudes?

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Don't you all wanna play this game with your mom now?

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