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This Pet Duck Freaks Out When His Young Owner Gets Out Of School

The true meaning of boy's best friend.

Jamie Toschi posted a video of her son Jonny's pet duck, Nibbles, waiting for him to get off the school bus in Madera, California.

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“We have had Nibbles since he hatched out of his egg," Toschi told BuzzFeed. "His mother, Daisy, passed away one month after Nibbles was born.”

Jonny was crushed by the loss of his pet, his mom said. "He was devastated and he just held Nibbles and never let go."

She added, "Daisy was Jonny's best friend. Nibbles is what he has left of her."


The video starts off with Toschi waiting in her car for Jonny next to an eager Nibbles.

Nibs was clearly a guard-duck-in-waiting. As Jonny's mom told BuzzFeed, the two are always inseparable.

"Nibbles has been miserable ever since Jonny started school again." The two have had the time of their lives "playing in mud puddles, digging for worms together," she said.

They're obviously best buds. "I knew he was going to start quacking when he saw Jonny get off the bus," Toschi said.

And when Jonny got in the car, the real action started. Nibbles went crazy for his young pal. What a cutie.

The love and affection between Jonny and Nibbles continued...


His mother added, "Nibbles has helped Jonny to come out of his shell." He's especially helped with the boy's ADHD, she said. "This duck has definitely made an impact on his life. Nibbles calms him."