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    Here's What Happens When A Cop Went On A Pizza Run And Parked His Patrol Car In A Bike Lane

    "Is pizza an emergency?"

    According to, Jamie was riding his bike along the road in Buffalo, New York, when he came upon a cop car blocking the bike lane. He waited until the cop came out of the pizza joint and started filming.

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    Man Ray / Via

    Jamie wanted to know why the cop was in a bike lane double parked. The cop explained, "I also have my hazards on and I'm also an emergency vehicle."

    Man Ray / Via

    Jamie told, "just to be clear, the officer was completely cool, respectful, and we each walked away with a better perspective of each other." However, Jamie had a very serious question for the cop.

    Man Ray / Via

    According to Jamie, the cop was courteous and the two had a decent conversation. He wants to "raise awareness about this sort of thing and how dangerous it can be for bikers."

    Jamie also said, [I want] "to show how little things drivers think are no big deal and inconvenience other modes of traffic."