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    Here's A Three Course Meal That Is Perfect For Dinner Any Night This Week

    Salad, chicken, and a tasty chocolate dessert are on the menu.

    Last week, #TastyTuesday took on Mexican food, this week we're mixing things up! We've got an easy three-course meal for ya tonight:

    #TastyTuesday: Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato Salad, Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken, and Chocolate Mini Cakes

    First things first, kick off your dinner with this tasty and healthy salad. This delicious starter comes with a mix of tomatoes, avocados, and cuc's! And all signs point to YES!

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    Get the full recipe here.

    Next up, get out the cast iron skillet, and serve up some flavor! This chicken thigh dish is packed with flavors and sure to delight all your guests.

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    Get the full recipe here.

    And, last but not least... can't leave the bellies without any dessert. These amazingly crafted chocolate-covered mini cakes are divine!

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    Get the full recipe here.

    Until, next week...

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