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You've Been Making Pancakes The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

That drizzle, that stir... it just comes together like magic.

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The Art Of Pancakes

Perfect pancakes start with the most perfect dry mixture.

Don't stop there... It's time to bring in your wet ingredients.

Once all of your ingredients are whisked together, you're almost ready for some hot pan time.

Reach that ladle in your mixture bowl, get the perfect heaping amount of pancake batter, and then pour it onto some hot butter. Magic starts to really happen.

The test is flipping it over into the most perfect golden brown look on both sides.

The finale cannot be complete without the most perfect stack of flapjacks, a slather of butter, and a drizzle curtain of the best maple syrup.

Ina Garten would be so proud.

Just pure perfection.

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