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Here's What Happens When Teens Are Distracted While Driving

Hopefully this will make you think twice about using your phone while driving.

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According to the CDC, car crashes are the leading cause in teen deaths. With that in mind, AAA wanted to see why. They videotaped 1,700 teenagers while they were driving. This video is just a sampling and it is both shocking and disturbing.

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And get this, AAA told BuzzFeed the teens were totally AWARE they were being videotaped for the purpose of this study...

Here's why this is VERY scary. This guy completely veers off the road while looking at his phone at night.


According to AAA's study, they concluded that distraction is 58 percent of moderate to severe teenage accidents, that's four times the U.S. government estimate of 14 percent. 😳 😳 😳

These teens weren’t just distracted by phones either. Peep this gal playing with her lip and then appearing to completely zone out.



Here's another teen looking down at her phone and quickly giving the road a few SHORT glances. The frightening look on her face could have been prevented.


In addition to AAA's findings, the CDC reports the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among 16 to 19-year-olds than among any other age group.

And WOW, this guy does a complete spin out and everything. So scary...


The report says the cell phone usage is so consuming, half of all the teenagers who caused rear end collisions were still driving at full speed.

Teens aren’t just distracted by texting and driving, but they are actually talking on their phones as well. And this might be the scariest of them all...


Dang, he got so close to that train track! Who knows, this could've ended up worse...

The lesson here: TEENS, PUT DOWN THE PHONES!!!!

On the bright side of things, AAA is now urging state legislatures to pass tougher cell phone and passenger restrictions on teenagers. Get more information on AAA's findings here.

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