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Here's 100 Years Of American Men And Women's Beauty

Beauty on fleek.

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Cut Video takes you through 100 years of beauty for both men and women, and it's absolutely stunning.

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The 1910s were all about side ponytails for the ladies, and ’staches were poppin' off on the gents.

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Skipping ahead to the fantastic '40s, hooped and poofed hair and sailor hats were all the rage.

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The groovy '70s were all about BIG HAIR and facial hair for the men. Basically, the bigger the hair, the closer to God.

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The Kardashian style took over in the 2000s for the ladies. That middle part with straight locks on each side was totally in. And for the men, it was all about the Biebs' ’do.

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The 2010s brought messy long hair for both. Man buns are particularly a ~thing~ — whether we are over them or not, they are here to stay!

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