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    14-Year-Old Solves A Rubik's Cube While Spinning Around On His Head In 15 Seconds


    Fourteen-year-old Justin Stomp loves speed cubing and breakdancing... so he thought why not combine the two:

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    Justin Stomp / Via

    Like WHAT?!

    Before getting started, he puts the Rubik's cube in front of the camera to prove it's all jumbled up...

    Justin Stomp / Via

    No trickery here.

    Then he kicks it off with a spin....

    Justin Stomp / Via

    Look at those hands go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin Stomp / Via

    This guy is a ROCKSTAR!

    And this........

    Justin Stomp / Via

    Like how can you not love his enthusiasm?

    The proof.

    Justin Stomp / Via