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These BFFs Spilled All Their Tea And Things Got Very Weird

"Like actual sex or Bill Clinton sex?"

Cut Video got a few besties together to play "Truth or Drink." The rules were straightforward: Answer an awk question or take a shot. These BFFs were getting personal and already spilling the tea in the first of this four-part series.

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After getting warmed up, true love was in the air when this question was asked: "If you had to eat one part of my body what part would it be?"

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Damn, we're getting RIGHT TO IT.

NEXT UP: We're talking porn. "Finish this line with me: My favorite genre of porn is..."

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And this woman may be her bestie's ride or die, but she drew the line when it came to covering up a murder.

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Hair flip and all. YAS.

These guys wanted to be very specific about the type of sex they were getting propositioned to have.

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But it looks like they'd be down, but only for three minutes...

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And things started to get VERY INTIMATE with this one. "Sit on my lap and stare into my eyes intimately for one full minute or take a shot."

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