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This 87-Year-Old Granny Gives Zero Fucks And She Is Everyone's Idol

"Don't make me 90 till I get there."

At 87 years old you can't tell Baddie Winkle anything. She is the baddest grandma in all of the lands. Refinery29 recently took a look at the day in the life of the Instagram sensation, and it's everyone's dream.

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She was born Helen Ruth Van Winkle in 1928, during the Great Depression.

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29 Ruth Van Winkle

But her life now is not depressing at all.

Scroll through Winkle's recent Instagram feed and you'll see why she's a total badass. Here she is just hangin' out with Miley, like NBD.

And that was just a glimmer inside Winkle's daily life. But it did not come easy.

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29

Winkle admitted to Refinery29, "My life was very hard. You don't know what's going to happen to you. You're not supposed to lose your son. He died... and my husband died on our 35th anniversary."

She continued, "I blamed God forever."

She misses him every day...but clearly that humor shines through.

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29

She cried all the time as she couldn't come to terms with it. So she made herself over into the fabulous Baddie Winkle that we now know her as.

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29


She is looking forward to this new chapter in her life as Baddie Winkle and just living life as if it's golden. But don't make this mistake...

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29

Baddie, please don't change for anyone!

Refinery29 / Via Facebook: refinery29

The baddest granny since 1928, PERIOD.