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This Couple Gave Birth To A Ten-Pound Baby In The Car And Caught It All On Camera

Warning: GRAPHIC, because, ya know, birth.

This couple was driving to the Bay Area Birth Center near Houston while the mother was well into INTENSE labor. Her contractions started to get more intense and before you know it, the 10-pound baby just popped right on out!

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The husband caught it all on tape with his GoPro while they were driving, and they remained SO CALM throughout the entire car-birth.

After 45 minutes of driving to the hospital, the mother's pleas started getting VERY loud and intense. / Via i8thacookies

Next thing you know...that baby was COMING OUT!

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The mother's screaming was so intense you can literally FEEL HER PAIN.

i8thacookies / Via

Totally makes you want to hug your momma, right now!

It's truly remarkable how calm the couple remained throughout this ordeal. The dad asked if she wanted him to stop and pull over, but she was just ready to get to the hospital!

And just like that, the healthy 10-pound baby boy came right on out!

i8thacookies / Via

What a way to come into the world. A celebratory high-five was def in order...

i8thacookies / Via

Both mom and baby are healthy and happy. They also have two more daughters.