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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    Here's A Look At 100 Years Of Wedding Gowns In Three Minutes

    Here comes the bride...

    Mode has brought us 100 years of lingerie, and even 100 years of men's swimsuits... now they are taking you down the aisle with 100 years of wedding gowns.

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    Kicking things off, we have this fabulous getup from 1915. That veil was everything...

    ...And peep that massive bouquet!

    Scaling down in 1945 with this elegant piece and smaller bouquet.

    Mode / Via

    Those sleeves, tho.

    '65 brought this epic bow on top that needs no further commentary.

    Mode / Via

    1975 brought slim and trim full-length gowns and lost the poofyness that was all the rage in 1965.

    Mode / Via

    Skipping ahead to the '90s, off-the-shoulder looks were the IT thing.

    Mode / Via

    And today, it's all about the long veil and slim, elegant gown with a fabulous train for the gawdsssss!