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13 Reasons Fails Will Always Be Funny

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1. Because it's definitely better to see someone else on the highway to hilarity.

2. Because we've all had trouble misunderstanding physics at some point.

3. Because an unexpected flat-splat will get ya every time. It's science.

4. Because let's agree the easiest sports can be unusually hard...

5., really, really hard, guys.

6. Because sometimes you just need a little fall-down to serve as a pick-me-up.

7. Because maybe that ref got what was coming to him?

8. Because failing the trick is almost as satisfying as nailing the trick.

9. Because after holding your breath for a second, you can absorb the hilariousness of what just happened.

10. Because pogo sticks are made of distrust.

11. Because it's all fun(ny) and games when no one is actually *really* hurt.

12. Because gravity is just a joke.

13. And because dads trying to relive their glory days will never, ever get old.

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