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How To Throw The Most Turtle-y Awesome Party On The Block

Get ready to hang like a ninja with these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party pointers! Head to Walmart to pick up all the supplies you need.

1. Calling all shell-heads! Let your friends know you’re throwing a party!

You can create an easy TMNT-inspired invite with some construction paper and googly eyes! Ta-daaaa. If you’re too busy fighting crime, you can pick up these awesome TMNT invites at Walmart.

2. Ready, set, party prep.

3. How good does that table look all set up??

4. Booyakasha Balloons!

5. Lean, Mean, Green Goodie Bags!

Tons of turtle-rrific treats are available as party favors. Pro tip: Stuff your bags ahead of time so kids aren't rushing to do it themselves!

Goodie Bags | Bracelets | Mega Bloks | Pencils | Tattoos | Stickers | Disk Shooters

6. When guests arrive, let them show their TMNT colors!

7. No TMNT party is complete without pizza, duh!

Everyone’s got a “slice” of the action.

8. And don’t forget the Cowabunga Cupcakes!

9. Want more turtle treats? We've got you covered.

10. Game on! Who’s ready to play?

11. Say “extra CHEESE!” in your very own TMNT photo booth.

12. Stuff your shell!

There won't be any unsuspecting snack attacks when you set up a DIY candy bar. Pick up tons of green-colored candy and fruit snacks and dish 'em all out.

13. Finally, go wild and tear into those gifts!