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How To Throw The Most Turtle-y Awesome Party On The Block

Get ready to hang like a ninja with these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party pointers! Head to Walmart to pick up all the supplies you need.

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1. Calling all shell-heads! Let your friends know you’re throwing a party!

You can create an easy TMNT-inspired invite with some construction paper and googly eyes! Ta-daaaa. If you’re too busy fighting crime, you can pick up these awesome TMNT invites at Walmart.

10. Game on! Who’s ready to play?

You know how to play musical chairs, right? Well, we’re playing “musical manholes” today! Place your DIY “sewer lids” made from construction paper on the ground and have friends stand around them. When the TMNT theme music stops, whoever isn’t standing on a manhole cover is swimming in sewer slime!

11. Say “extra CHEESE!” in your very own TMNT photo booth.

Prop up a cool backdrop so you can really get in the ~groove~. You can make Turtle-tastic signs with your favorite Turtles catchphrases using paper and straws...Like a Turtle Do!

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13. Finally, go wild and tear into those gifts!

No party is complete without presents! Make sure your gifts are wrapped in totally tubular paper, which will leave the birthday boy or girl saying "this is epic!!!"

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All images by Sarah Stone for ©BuzzFeed